When we get to a certain age we all want to look and feel younger. "Most of us think that the only remedy is through cosmetic products , but there's actually a lot of things you can do yourself which knock years off your face.


Fit your bed 

If you do not fit your bed and get enough sleep, the wrinkles may come before time. During the day, your skin uses a lot of energy to protect you from contamination and UV rays. At night it takes time to rebuild your skin. Therefore it is important to have a goodnight's sleep.



It almost says itself. If you do not exercise regularly, you will not adjust your blod sugar or blod pressure and it will tend to overweight. It works in itself. When you exercise regularly, more antioxidants will form and the circuit will be better. Regular exercise also often favors a healthier diet and you consume more water -so it is wind wind.


Dont stress

When you are stressed, the drug cortisol is released. That means that your cells live for a shorter time. Cortisol not only shortens the life of your cells but also causes more waste to accumulate in your body. This also affects your sleep and, as mentioned before, sleep is important.


Dont forget to clean your makeup before you go to bed

It's important to clean your skin everyday -especially when using makeup. Do you sleep with makeup - you will probably cross it out into your face and into the skin of your face. Use a good cleansing oil – and rub the face and remove both your makeup and the "natural dirt" your face has been disposed of during the day. 


Use your sun lotion correctly

The sun is the worst sinner in getting wrinkles. If you do not use sun lotion - yes, it goes without saying that the wrinkles come faster than if you are using sun lotion. But do you use the correct factor? Do you remember to putlotion on your throat, chest and your hands. It is precisely in these places that lack of sun lotion can make you look older than you are.


Dont drink to much alcohol and to little water

Dont drink too much alcohol and too little water. The older you become, the less alcohol you can tolerate. Your liver gets harder by reacting the alcohol the older you get. The waste materials accumulate and can be seen on both your skin and your body. You become dehydrated and you can see it on a red and irritated skin. If you do not drink enough water, the body becomes dehydrated and it causes the waste to accumulate and your skin will getting dry.


Dont eat unhealthy

It goes without saying that if you suffer from too much sugar, saturated fat, meat and junk food, your body is really overworked to break down something that is not good for your body it. This unhealthy food will self-inflicted your bodies and cells – and It can be felt and see non your skin.  


Dont smoke

It's not a secret that it's not healthy to smoke. But it is also going to make you look older. Smoking activates enzymes in the body that breakdown the elastic fibers in your skin and it gives you wrinkles.