Yes, I love avocado and have been doing it since the 70's where it became popular in the shrimp cocktail. Later it was in my beloved guacamole

Avocado saturates. The meat contains a lot of dietary fiber that fills your stomach. Like it also contains fat that plays a big role when it comes to feeling of satiety. It may be a good idea to complement your meal with an avocado - but it may be a bitboring in the long run - so why not use it in your juice. As mentioned, the avocado has a lot of positive qualities.‚Äč


  • 1 organic lemon with peel
  • 6 apples
  • 2 avocadoer
  •  4 spirulina tablets
  • ice cubes 

Run lemon and apples through your juices. Blend the juice together with the avocado in your blender. Then add spirulina tablets and ice cubes.